Saturday, August 18, 2012

Life As I Live It

I'm home..for good. For real this time, haha. School starts next week..ick. Ah well, I really am thankful for my opportunity to learn.. most days. I've been working a lot since I got back, quick getting together with friends before they leave for school, and just enjoying being at home. I missed home.
IN other news (aka exciting stuff:).. I got a new camera! Way back in June right before we left for the Maine MT, my camera got run over (it was an accident.. my bag was in a pile of stuff and the driver didn't look before they pulled out in a big 15-passenger van). BUT the church's insurance actually covered it! So I was able to get a brand-new Canon 60D. It's pretty. I love it. I've got lots of exciting adventures to share with you stay tuned. :)


  1. Ahh! No way! You worked at Victory Valley Camp this summer!!! I applied to Victory Valley and got accepted but I had to turn them down so I could work at Pleasant Vineyard Ministries Camp in Ohio as the camp photographer and a counselor for the last two weeks. That's crazy! If I had gone there, we would have actually met this summer! I hope you had a great time working there!! Have you worked there before? If you have you might know my RA from last year. Her name is Jamie Atkins. :)

  2. No way!! That is CRAZY! The people in the picture? To my left, she's my supervisor and CU alumni. To my right is my best friend Hannah who's a freshman at CU this fall! She's studying pre-vet AND is an MK..keep your eye out for her. :) It was a WONDERFUL summer! God was there and workin' away! :) This year was actually my second summer at VVC, I love it so much. & I do know Jamie! She was a counselor one week last summer and did some life-guarding this summer. She seems super nice. :) That's seriously SO crazy that we could have both been there, haha!


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