Monday, August 20, 2012

Adventure in D.C. // Part 1

Back in the far-off land of May, Taylor (one of my best buds!) & I went on a trip to Washington D.C.! We had a BLAST and it first real trip I'd ever done without my parents and it all went super smooth! In fact, it went so well that we're planning another city trip for the fall. Woot! Anywho.. here is the Air & Space Museum and some other Capitol goodness.

Us on a thermal camera. Bet'cha can't guess which one is me. 

Seinfield? The Pen episode? Anyone?
They had a giant four-screen Google Earth. We found our houses and the local Pagoda! 
 D.C. in 3D on Google Earth!

 After we did the Museum, we biked around D.C. at dusk. First stop: capitol! 

 Second stop: Washington Monument! 
 Third Stop: Constitution Gardens! I highly recommend bringing bikes if you're going to travel in D.C. They were SO convenient and there's plenty of big sidewalks to ride on without hitting pedestrians. 

 Fourth stop: MLK JR. Memoral.
Fifth stop: Tidal Basin (with the Jefferson Memorial in the background)
 The next day we got up early (like..6am) and biked around D.C. again. It's amazing how little people are out at that hour! We started off at the Korean War Memorial.

 Then we ate a hearty breakfast (aka apples & muffins) with Ole' Abe around 6:30am.

  After breakfast we checked out the Vietnam Memorial. It was super cool. I loved that the memorial was simple and also reflective!

Then we hopped on our bikes and headed across the Potomac River...
You can check out part 2 now! 


  1. Lovely lovely! I have always wanted to visit Washington DC. :)

  2. LOVED these pictures!! You always do so well! :)


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