Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crazy Crazy Life

Grand Tetons NP
 June FLEW bye. I was home in my bed for about a week during the month. It went super fast. Then the first week of July just kinda disappeared. Oops. Ah well. I'm back! Sorta! With adventures to share with you. For now, just a short recap.
Reading little G.S. campers a book about identifying poop. They liked it.

June 3-11: Wyoming camping
June 12-15: Pre-camp training
June 16-23: Missions trip to Maine
June 25-29: Volunteer at G.S. day-camp
June 30: Graduation Ceremony
July 1-7: First week serving at Victory Valley (camp)
So yeah. I was a little busy.

 The next two weeks I'm at Victory Valley, then off for a week where my friends & I will be going camping in Maine, then back for one (or two, still deciding) weeks of Victory Valley. That brings us to August 4 or 11. So bear with me folks. I love yah lots and can't wait to share pictures with you. Hopefully I'll be posting some soon. 
Guess who's a graduate? 

Painting on the MT to Maine

Awesome group of people from FIVE different churches that came together to serve in Maine.
Thanks for reading! I appreciate your thoughts, comments, & prayers.


  1. I was wondering where you went! :) You were gone for a while and I've missed your comments (then again, I'm late in posting too!) Praying for your travels! Can't wait to hear about your travels!

  2. Lovely pictures!!
    Yeah to you graduate! Congrats ;)


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