Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Growin' Up

Yesterday, I walked out of South Hall and was finally finished. My finals completed, my schoolwork done, and my high school years behind me. It's really weird to think of how this is the last of certain things. Like my last time putting together my school portfolio, going to youth group, having sleepovers and seeing movies with friends. It's sad, yeah, but soon there will be lots of new things. New school (kinda..), new friends, new church group and new adventures. I'm trying to look forward while still appreciating the past. It's tough, but it'll be good in the end.


  1. The 3rd and 6th pictures are beautiful! I'm lovin' them!



  2. 1st. Congrats to being done school!
    2nd. Great pics! :)

    (Feel free to comment on my blog! :D )


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