Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wind-Down

 linking up with monday miscellany :)
001. For those who asked, I had a great birthday. I got to see my church family, then went out to eat with friends at my favorite place, then came home and relaxed with the fam. It was good.
002. ^^ best guacamole in the world right up there.
 003. Aren't my friends beautiful? I love them.
004. Speaking of beautiful, all you ladies should go read this fantastic article. It's worth the few minutes to read, seriously.
 005. My parents racked enough Staples rewards points to get me a Kindle Fire!! I'm so excited. Now I don't have to haul my laptop to school along with my ridiculous amount of books! YAY!
006. YES. That is the Hunger Games you see. My friend sent it to me upon receiving my Kindle. I've yet to decide if I'm going to be a trend-follower. I dunno. I didn't read Twilight, or Harry Potter, or.. Goosebumps (remember those?!), but I might. Still deciding.
 007. This is Carlton, my new owl. My best friend knitted him for me, - she's amazing!
008. A customer did this in the drive-thru today. I was pretty speechless. 
009. So the 5k? It was they turned it into a 1-mile trail run. Still fun! I'm (hopefully) signing up for a legit 5k in April. :)
010. I'm re-doing my room. Pictures to come.
011. I hope you had a happy Monday! I have some good things planned this week. Like real posts with real pictures and real life lessons and real recipes and I really don't believe in commas.
The end. :)


  1. You MUST read "The Hunger Games"!!!! Just do it :D

  2. glad you enjoyed your birthday. now i want some guac!

    that owl? swoon!!!

    i finished THG last night (book 1). i also, didn't read the trendy books of late. honestly, THG was an intriguing story, but it is just so dark and pretty sad.


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