Saturday, March 31, 2012

Those Nights

 We all expected to leave by 10:30 at the latest.
It was almost an hour later until we all climbed on the coach.
One comment sparked a spontaneous idea.. drive an hour into Philly to get cheese steaks.
 Mind you, not just any cheese steaks. 
 The one and only, best in Philly, drive two hours for.. Geno's cheese steaks.
They were delicious.

As we drove home through the rain, a thought occurred to me.
That these nights, these few hours, were the ones that would become memories.
Memories that would last.
 Years later..we'll remember that one time we decided to get cheese steaks..
from Philly, in the rain, at 1am. 
 The crazy ideas are always the good ones. Always.


  1. looks like lots of fun! but Pat's is totally better :)

    1. oh are definitely incorrect about that :)

  2. I love these kind of memories!

  3. I agree, sometimes doing the most random things at the oddest hours of the day/night make the best memories! These photos are absolutely gorgeous by the way, I love the blurred effect :)

  4. I love nights like that!! :) (or anytime I should say!)


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