Monday, March 12, 2012

I Sat On Two Houses

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001. So I house sat this weekend. No big deal, right? Right. Until my parents decided to go away for the weekend. So I house sat.. at two houses. I stayed at the house that I don't typically live in and then traveled back and forth a few times a day to let my poochie out. SO this weekend? Nuts.
 002. I found a cat that I liked. She liked me too. She also liked the chair I liked. She won.. most of the time.
003. I have SPRING BREAK this week! I except that I need to do a ton of Algebra. Emphasis on ton.
 004. My Mom got me trail mix today. I love her.
005. I am itching to do something/go somewhere. Anywhere, really. I need to go somewhereeee.
 006. On Friday, I saw one of my best friends star in her school's play. She was fantastic. 
 007. I found these two catching some zzzzz's in the same crate. C'mon. How cute is that? 
008. I spent last night actually MAKING something that I pinned on pinterest. I was so proud. I don't have any completed pictures.. sorry!
009. Got my hair cut. I told her to take off a few inches (3-4), I think she took off double. It's short. But people seem to like it.. I kinda do. Maybe I'll take pictures tomorrow.
010. Stay tuned this week.. I might actually post some pictures from California, I have a recipe planned, and more on my life. Because clearly that's what you want to read about.
Yeah, that's what I thought.


  1. Love the animal pictures! and lucky you on Spring break already! Mine starts next week!

  2. Wow! Two houses? I hope to see the pics of your hair! :P Fun pics!!

  3. Lovely capture on the cat. The sharpness is fantastic!

  4. whoa... sounds like you had one too many houses to deal with! ; ) gorgeous photo of the play!!!

  5. The last picture=love!
    and yay, I'm the 100th follower! (:

  6. Great pictures! Those kitties are adorable!

  7. You have a great eye, love the cat face.


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