Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Ups & Downs

I've always been a bad news first person.. so here goes.
Downs: My history professor isn't a big fan of technology. So instead of typing up our answers (like normal twenty first century students) to the take-home exam, we get to write them out. Seven pages, one hour, and a few happy hand cramps later.. I'm done. He better like my pretty handwriting. I like to think it's pretty decent for a homeschooler (to those who don't know.. us homeschool kids are notorious for bad, illegible, looks-like-chinese handwriting).
Ups: I got a 92% on my first Anatomy test. SCORE! I've been doing really well in that class. School in general is going pretty well!  I also started a new Bible study this week! I'm really excited about it, it seems like a good program with equally good people. Weekend forecast also looks good.. I'm looking forward to time with friends, wedding photographer planning, and a senior shoot on Sunday. Life's great. :)
How's your ups & downs folks?


  1. ups: I have four little siblings that are so funny. They really cheer me up all the time. And tomorrow, God willing, we get to go to a sleepover. :)

    downs: It's 11:08.

  2. Our school is the exact opposite- 21st century learning all the way! Sometimes it's annoying though, because whaddya know, doing a three hour exam on a computer screen may just give you a headache ;) My downs include waking up before 8 am, and my ups include going to bed before 10 ;) I lead such an exciting life! :)

  3. the first picture is so pretty!
    up: it's fridayyy :)
    down: I can't go through a friday without the rebecca black song popping up in my head at least once. ugh!

  4. wow. that first picture is just so stunning. it's is probably one of the prettiest pictures i have ever seen -- i just love it!


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