Friday, January 6, 2012

One Word

I've been pondering about what my one word for 2012 should be. Last year, I choose serve. This year, I've decided on the word choose.
Why choose? Because every day we make decisions. Those decisions affect ourselves, our relationships, and our life. Our choices make us the people we are.
Are you the type of person that holds the door open for a stranger?
Is taking time to be in prayer and spend time in God's word a struggle some days?
Do you uses your words to build others up?
Would you rather stay in your comfort zone instead of reaching out to others?
Big or small, they're all choices, and they make us who we are.
 This year, I want to focus on making good choices. Last year, I attempted to read the Bible in a year. However, I got lost somewhere in June when camp started. For 2012, I've made a simpler goal. Read at least one chapter of the Bible a day. I've also made personal goals regarding my health, and professional goals about my photography & business.
I believe that with a lot of prayer & help, I might become a bit more like Christ, - one choice at a time.


  1. Great word choice! I will be praying that this will be a year of growing closer to Christ as you choose to continue pursuing and serving Him.

  2. I love your word choice, it reminds me that every day is full of little decisions that, like it or not, build up to big things.


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