Monday, January 30, 2012

Miscellany on Monday

 001. It's Monday Miscellany time! It was a very Monday-type day, but it was still pretty decent.
002. The above photo of my friend is from a shoot we did at snow camp a week ago. See that gorgeous scarf? My best friend knits and sells them. So we did a few photos showcasing them. We woke up and it was snowing. Can you say perfect?
 003. I love warm winter days. It got up to the high forties one day last week! I decided to go on a joyride (with a destination.. so sorta joyride) with the windows down. It was good.
004. I got my first history test back today. Guess who aced (95%) it?!
This girl! :)
005. Running? = great! On Saturday, I decided to push myself. I ran my furthest and longest (12 minutes straight) for a total of one mile. I know, a 12 minute mile isn't that impressive. I know people who can run it under 6 minutes. But for me? I'm quite pleased.
006. I went to WinterJam last week with my youth group. I didn't really care for any of the groups except Skillet. They were awesome. I can count on them to put on a good show. 007. Raw (unpasteurized) milk is the best. Just throwing that out there.
008. I used to dislike winter (when there was no snow) landscapes because I thought everything was dull without grass. But winter opens up new & interesting subjects, like bare trees.
009. Guess what today is? It's my blog-o-versary! I've had this little blog for two years now, and I started blogging at A Picture A Day about three years ago. I love my blog & my followers. You're both awesome. :)
Happy Monday!


  1. wow! You are gorgeous, and I love that scarf!!

    1. Haha that's not me, that's my lovely friend Liz. :)

  2. Wow, that first pic is BEAUTIFUL! I love looking at all of your photos. :)

  3. Gorgeous portrait shot; love the photos that follow too.

  4. Yay for snow, it's snowing here too!

  5. I love your images Sara! Gorgeous scenes and a lovely portrait.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Sara! :) Beautiful photos. I absolutely love wintery trees too! ;)

  7. ahhh pretty pretty pictures! :)


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