Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adventures of the Night Photographer

Last night was clear and the moon was full. Typically, when you want to take photos of the stars you wait for new moon, but when you desire to get night landscapes of more than just stars.. then you want light. Believe it or not, the moon is an excellent source of light. These were all taken in between 8-9, so it was dark. However, with a long shutter, some of them look to be taken at twilight. You can see the stars starting to trail in some of the photos.
 The sun? Nope! The moon.
 I may or may not have had a LITTLE fun light-painting.
My favorite shot of the night, the covered bridge with some star trails.
Night photography is a lot of fun, but remember to be safe. I was alone, so I parked my car at least 3/4 off the road (with hazards on), stayed within 20 feet of it, made sure I had multiple flashlights to turn on to warn coming cars I was there, and I gave my parents a plan of where I was going and when I'd be coming back. Safety = first! Shooting at night can be a bit dangerous, but it's also a lot of fun. With a little common sense and a pinch of luck you'll get new and interesting images! Any questions let me know, I'd love to answer them. :)


  1. Wow! I love the star trails, and the, uh... moon flare! So cool! :)

  2. STAR TRAILS! I love star trails! Your light paintings are awesome. I had no idea the moon could create so much light! It really does look like the sun!

  3. That is absolutely AMAZING Sara! Wonderful beautiful! :D

  4. These are beautiful! I love the last one!

  5. Definitely a fan of the graveyard shot. You got the colours, lighting, and mood perfectly.


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