Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Miscellany

 001. Happy Boxing Day! I'm not Canadian and you're probably not Canadian, but it's cooler than saying Happy Monday or Merry Day-After-Christmas. Did you know Boxing Day started in the UK? It was the day where wealthier people gave gifts to their servants. Cool.
 002. Speaking of Christmas.. I had a wonderful Christmas. I got to see my church family AND my real family. Double score. Oh, and eat good food. Wonderfulness.
003. I found this and had to share. Someone once told me that you wouldn't ask a baker what kind of oven they cooked their cookies in. The same rule can be applied to photography. Although nice equipment helps.
004. Speaking of equipment.. loving the new lens. We might run off and elope, but I'd have to go to Maryland and that's a good two+ hour drive.
005. I went to Target tonight (love that place). I spent $25 and now have about 50 things for OCC shoe boxes. I'm going to hit Wal-Mart and another Target tomorrow for more 50% goodness. :) I also may have grabbed another $8 fleecey sweater. It's red and wonderful.
006. DPP is over. These photos are mostly the leftovers from it, haha. It was a lot of fun though. I looked back at last year's photos and I do see improvement this year!
 007. Running is's running. I skipped Friday's run (holidays + work = no), so I finished my week two run today. It went really well. I didn't feel like I was going to die until the fourth running interval. In other words, it's getting better. There's a 5k close to my house in March, I'm aiming for that. If not, there's one in April too.
008. We've been getting lots of rain lately, but no snow. In fact, we've got a flood warning tomorrow night and rain predicted all week. Yuck.
009. On a happier note, in less than a month I'll be in Arizona! My Dad, Sister & I will be traveling out there for a few days. Dad had frequent flyer miles that had to be used, so we lucked out. We leave January 13th! I can't wait. :) Happy Boxing Day!
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  1. actually, I am Canadian! ;) haha love the pictures! and I can't wait to see pictures from Arizona!

  2. I love running! It's tough at times, but I'm definitely glad I do it because I feel so much better afterwards. You're making progress if it no longer feels like you're dying until later when you run. That's great!!

    Happy Boxing Day!

  3. Ooh love the pics! I just got a new camera and cant wait to figure out how to take pictures like the rain drop...So funny wouldnt ever have thought to ask a cook what kind of oven he uses...stopping by from miscellany link up
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  4. Your photos are gorgeous, Sara! Great work. I really like your senior portraits. A young woman who is just starting out in photography takes ours. (I teach in a little Christian high school in upstate New York.) Thanks for sharing these. Blessings! (I'm visiting from

  5. #3 - I love that!
    I really like that picture of the road, and the one next to it - so pretty! :)

  6. I love your pictures and your blog! I found you today and just wanted to let you know :)

  7. haha, hope you had a good boxing day. ; ) lovely pictures!!!


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