Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - November

alternative post title: a day in the life of a homeschooling chick-fil-a employee.
8:00am: I woke up and saw lots of fog and no sun, so I took pictures of pretty leaves.
9:00am: Breakfast of sausage, eggs with cheese, and milk. Yum!
10:00am: Schoolwork. Specifically, Algebra 2. Yuck.
11:00am: Drove to work.
12:00pm: No picture, we were busy at work.
1:00pm: Poured lemonade. Lots of it.
2:00pm: Waffle fries! FYI, they are not potato wedges, folks.
3:00pm: Lots and lots of lemons. I'll put them in your sweet tea if you ask nicely.
4:00pm: I drove home from work and finally stopped to take a picture of this adorable little car.
5:00pm: Made our dinner of honey-glazed pork tenderloin and green bean casserole. It was delicious!
6:00pm: Started making chocolate chip cookie dough brownies for book club tomorrow. Yummy! I believe there will be a full recipe posted on this delicious treat. :)

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  1. Love it! And I have the same exact casserole dish! :)

  2. now you make me want to go take pictures when I'm at work! I actually have wanted to on occasion, but never brought my camera or asked if I could take some pictures... they probably wouldn't mind as long as it wasn't too busy. hmmm... :) funny how all those CFA pictures make me think of my lovely job! it's so neat how we use the same things across the board, from restaurant to restaurant. :)

  3. I was going to say the same thing as ariel! Ditto, ariel.

    Great set, chica. Loved the cute car you shot on your way home.


  4. Thanks for stopping by!!!

    Love them all. . . Those waffle fries look so yummy!

    The road phot is amazing !

  5. Cool pics! Love the notebook and roadway.

  6. what an awesome set! just gorgeous photos! and i'm a bit jealous of your job... we're still waiting for our first chick-fil-a to be built! now i'm craving waffle fries!

  7. I love your set! And apparently I'm joining the "same casserole dish" club, too!

  8. Yummy! I was at Chick-fil-a yesterday! Waffle fries are the best!

  9. what beautiful pics...well done! thanks for sharing!


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