Monday, October 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - October

It's Ten on Ten! My favorite monthly project. I started it off with sunrise off the deck!I did some redecorating this morning. I absolutely adore my colorful clothes pins, they're SO easy to change too!
Schoolwork. Gross!
This afternoon I had an awesome senior session with my good friend, Emma! We went to an abandoned railroad and then a national historic site. Tons of fun and awesome locations!
The lovely model. :)
This is Hopewell Lake with the changing foliage. I didn't realize the leaves are changing so quick! I'm thinking I'll have take a trip back here soon.
Only YOU can prevent forest fires! 
The sunset on the lake as we were leaving. The fishermen are the same two as before, they probably thought I was a weirdo. What else is new?
Happy October 10th to yah!


  1. I love the fall leave/lake photo the best! It's amazing!

  2. Wowza! That sunrise pic is outstanding!! Thanks for sharing your 10!

  3. Incredible photos!! Especially loved the old train, you really captured it's abandoned beauty. You make being a student look like fun!

  4. These pictures are awesome! What a beautiful day you experienced. Thanks for sharing your ten on ten.

  5. wow! what a great set! i think the morning fog and field shots are my favorites--such pretty light!

  6. GET out of town!
    Where do you live?
    Your pictures are BUH-eautiful!
    Seriously, stunning.
    And those colors of the fall foilage?
    I die.
    I live in so cal.
    We have concrete. ;)

  7. Loving the lake pictures!

  8. I live in Pennsylvania! I love it here. :)

  9. I like how you take a picture of your schoolwork and it still looks good. I think you're the only person I know that can do that :)


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