Sunday, October 30, 2011

Surprise Snow

Typically when October comes around..we don't have snow. In fact we've never had snow in October. We might get a dusting in November, but October? Unheard of. We got hit with a freak snow that left us with about 5-8 inches. I am loving it! This morning was beautifully glorious so I took a ton of photos. Unfortunately, we have no power, so I'm not sure when I'll get to share them. Until then.. happy snow day!


  1. Enjoy your snow! We usually have snow sometime in October, this year it was later than normal. ;)

    I love the contrasting colors and composition in the last photo. :)

  2. It's hilarious because I'm more up north than you are, aka Canada as you are already aware, and we don't have ANY. It's just so amusing to me. :D

  3. At least it's beautiful! Enjoy while it lasts! :)

  4. Lucky you! I'm dying for snow where I live! Last years first snow was on November 18th, so I'm hoping it will come a little sooner this year!


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