Friday, October 7, 2011

France | Week Two

Here are pictures from our second week in France! :)
One morning the fog rolled into the valley and you couldn't see anything. As it started disappearing this house became visible on the hill, but not the huge mountains behind it!

One day we went exploring to a little village, it was adorably quaint and cute.
In the section of France we were in they have fountains with delicious, fresh spring water.
This is the view from the missionary's house. Isn't it amazing? 

Their village from up a ways on the trail.
The tall peak on the left is called La Meije (spelling is probably incorrect). It's one of the tallest in the area.
European cars? The best.

This particular week I didn't take nearly the amount of work photos I did the week before. I was much busier with working on the soccer field (below).
The team of ladies (all three of us!) worked on putting the soccer field back together. We dug holes, sifted that dirt, fertilized it and put it back in. It made for a few long days!
This is the market at Bourg D'Osians. We got fresh meat, veggies and fruits every week there. I loved the melon... I'm pretty sure I ate half of it.

France has a gabillion different types of cheese. Gabillion translates to around four hundred.
I'll have more ready to post next week sometime! :)


  1. The panoramas are breathtaking! I love the market pictures too. :)

  2. These are amazing shots!!! I'm so excited to see more photos of such a beautiful country!

  3. did you use a wide-angle lens for the panoramic shots? they're amazing!

  4. Krysta: I used my wide-angle 17-85, I looked it and apparently I was zoomed to 28mm. I really enjoy taking panoramas and that lenses works great for them. :)

  5. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed looking at your pictures - mountains, wild flowers, markets, buildings, amazing views, quaint corners.... so much beauty. It makes me want to go to France. :)


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