Friday, October 14, 2011

France | Week Three

Can you believe that this is the last installment of photos before our team left the Alps? I'm going to ramble large amounts in this post about three things: our team, the trip, and God's hand in at all we did at Camp des Cimes.

We were able to go hiking to some lakes and let me tell you, the views were beautiful! It was one of my favorite places we went to.
Isn't God's creation amazing?
That was one of my favorite parts of being in France. We were nestled in the mountains where beauty surrounded us completely.
During our four weeks at Camp we were able to go into Grenoble twice for church. Now, said church was not an English church, - it was a French Brethren church. I was able to pick up the tune to a few of the worship songs (Prince of Peace, - one of my favorites!) that we also do at my church.  It was so cool to hear them in French too!  Even more so, it was great to see people meeting together all for one purpose, despite differences, to do one thing - worship God and learn about him.
The two weeks that we were not able to go to Grenoble for church, we conducted a serve with our group, all twelve of us! It made me realize how easy it is to forget about what the real purpose of church is. I know that back home, I love going to church to see friends. When I pull into the parking lot, I feel at home and almost as soon as I open the door people are there to say hi. Although fellowship is a huge part of church, we brought it back to the basics. Prayer. Worship. Prayer. Scripture. Prayer. A church is just a building until God's people gather in it. I know that God was a part of our little twelve person church that gathered together around a dining table.
One Sunday on our way back to camp from Grenoble we stopped by the French Revolution Museum.
I appriciated art.

They appreciated art too.
I appreciated their silliness.
My favorite piece.
Which of these does not belong..? Hint: It's the upside down one.
Back to a more serious level.. this is our team. Right to left: Me, Terry, Peggy, Hannah, Mrs. H, Kathrine (daughter to the H's), Mrs. M, Mr. M, Mike, Issac (son to the H's) and Albion. Not pictured: Mr. H, Nelson, & Cheryl.
The H's are one of three missionary families that help to run Camp of the Peaks.  I loved getting to know them.  One of my favorite things about going on these trips is getting to put a face to a name, and a name to a ministry.  Now when their name comes up in the church bulletin as the missionary of the week, I know who we're praying for and what they're doing. 
When you're with the same group of people for a month, by the end they either drive you crazy or you love them like family.  I'd say it's safe to say we all felt the latter about each other.  We were brought together as a team in a way that only God could have done.
Final construction update: What a project we started! In case you missed it, we started a three-story addition to the main building that will eventually hold an elevator.  Although we didn't work with the French people directly, it was still awesome to see God through the trip. We had some major blessings concerning work:
1. No major injuries. One cut finger, but it wasn't too bad.
2. Through out our entire working days in France we only had one rainy day, and that didn't slow us down one bit.
3. We got more accomplished that we had anticipated to. Praise the Lord!
We had the entire floor poured for the foundation. Although that may not see like much, it is. Keep in mind that we spent five days jack hammering things out so said foundation could go in!
Our finished floor is on the bottom right. Isn't it pretty? Especially with that rebar sticking out!
This is the main building at Camp. We stayed on the top top floor!
I'm going to end the post with some more pretty pictures.
Photographer in action. Captured by Mr. H.
We found a puppy in the Alps! A Great Pyrenees, just like my dog. His owner was herding sheep farther up the mountain.
In conclusion, it was really neat to see God work through this team. Although a work team may not seem like the most glamorous of jobs, it's all God's work. Mr. H said that a little piece of this place would never leave us. He was wrong. A big piece of Camp of the Peaks will never leave me. So many wonderful people, fun memories, and beautiful creation all around me. I am so blessed to have been a part of it. I miss it already.


  1. Wow! Great pictures! What a wonderful experience! Safe travels and God bless!

  2. These are so pretty! I love the one of the spider web.

  3. I love love the alps! Although I only ever been to the Swiss ones. And I remember the first few times we went to church here, and it all went over my head. And even now, whenever we sing a song that I know in English I sing it in English. It reminds me that God has children everywhere. Your pictures are beautiful!


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