Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Did You Know..

...that there's this weird big pointy thingy in the middle of Paris? Why a triangle? Why Mr. Eiffel? WHY?
I'm really tired (if you couldn't tell by the AWESOME post title) but I thought I'd tell you all that I was in Paris. We all had a grande old time. I'm homebound with another member of our team tomorrow! I'm very excited. It's been a great month, God has really blessed our time here. I'll start blogging pictures when I get home (after I sleep for two days). Okay dokey smokey?


  1. Sounds great!! (:

    So glad you had a good trip, Sara!

  2. Aww, GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to go to Paris one day! :)

  3. I was there a few weeks ago too. I haven't shared my pictures yet but it's pretty incredible.


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