Wednesday, August 3, 2011

VVC - Week 4

My last week of camp was crazy. I had to take 600 pictures a day, plus the temps hit the 100's! It was still fun and I loved it. :)
Cooking french toast for my cabin. Lots of fun!
Note that gorgeous cooking fire underneath those delcious pieces of french toast. They were 100% edible and actually good. :D
This is Sharkie who I made for a friend. Isn't he a cutie?


I got around to tye-dyeing my shirts my last day of camp.. even though I was there all summer. Yay procrastination! Aren't they pretty? 
My last night we saran-wrapped a car. Good stuff. :D
I love camp.
I miss these folks like crazy.
I can't wait for next year.Isn't it awesome that God lets us have tons of fun while serving him?


  1. Looks like fun! All the food is making me hungry! :)

  2. looks like so much fun! I love camp! I was at an amazing one a couple weeks ago and I miss my group so much too! Great pictures!
    Oh, and thanks for the lovely comment! :)
    Tessa Brooke

  3. How did I miss the memo to saran wrap Josh's car? Now I feel left out :( Is it because I was gimpy?

  4. The word got out after MI of that night, I thought it got to all the cabins but it totally failed, haha. :(


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