Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - Roadtrip Style

So this is the first Ten on Ten I've been able to participate in since May! I 100% blame camp, but it's okay, because I love camp. This fine day I took a solo road trip to Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, PA for a visit. I also got to see my awesome friend Klazane and we went to Nay Aug Park to see a waterfall. Cool? Yes! Without further ado..
Driving alone = boring.
Destinaton! yay!

Delicious ice cream.
Nay Aug Waterfall!
Fellow photographer in action!
Tiny butterfly! 
I feel the need to throw in a self-portrait every ten on ten.
I hit major rain on the way home for about ten minutes. Then it was crystal clear!
note.. all driving pictures were taken without me looking through the viewfinder. I held the camera up and just shoot a few random photos. It's dumb luck that they're even in focus. I would in no way compromise safety for a photo. Well.. at least while driving. ;)
I was driving past the lake around sunset.. obivisouly I couldn't pass up that photo op! I hope your day was awesome!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Nice set of 10, that ice cream looks great and I love the sunset. Very pretty.

  2. Wow that was alot of rain. I don't remember having that much when we were leaving. Poor you. Your pictures are awesome!

  3. I love your disclaimer ;)

    The waterfall shot is stunning!!


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