Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Missions Minnesota 2011 | Part 2

These are the rest of the misc pictures from the trip home. We did some really cool stuff and it was lots of fun. The night before we left I did some night photography including the star trail photo above. You can see so many more stars out there PLUS I didn't have to edit out a single airplane trail. Awesomeness.
Shooting star!
You can vaguely see the Milky Way.
 Fun times at the laundromat. :)
Paul Bunyan and Babe!
The start of the mighty Mississippi river! I walked across it. :)
..and stood over it with my best friend. :D
Hard to imagine how huge it gets!
My friend who totally fell alseep on me. It's okay though, she's basically a human space heater. That completes the pictures, most of them are in the part one post! Hope you enjoyed. It really was a great trip with lots of good times & memories.


  1. Great pictures! LOVED the first two ones, the effect on the first it's AMAZING! :)

  2. I love photos of star trails! Your pictures are amazing :)

  3. I've never thought of doing a star trail picture. It looks amazing! How long did you keep your shutter open?

  4. 30 seconds, I have a how-to post here. :)


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