Friday, August 12, 2011

Missions Minnesota 2011 | Part 1

This begins the photos from the awesome missions trip to Minnesota I went on. Enjoy!
Lake Superior.
30 hour car ride. Fun stuff!
Cool clouds in Ohio.
Crazy storm that never actually reached us.
My home for the week. I was the counsler for a cabin of three girls. 
The girls all l.o.v.e.d. doing bead creatures. So we did that.. a lot. I made a lizard. Isn't he cute?
Dance party with puppets! Another favorite with the kids. :)
This is the Red Lake. It really is red. When we got there the first day one of the boys commented, "Wow, I've never swam in iced tea before!".
During the week I had two side tasks (other than being head counselor): teach a lesson and organize Mission Impossible (MI). Now for those who don't know what MI is.. shame on you! (just kidding, I only played for the first time this summer at camp) How it works is you go out in teams (at night) and you go from clue to clue trying not to get 'spotted'. There are spotters placed all around camp who have flashlights and look for teams who are being loud, running, or disruptive. The first team back to the dining hall wins. It's a ton of fun, and all the kids loved it. Mission : successful. :)
Me and one of my girls!
All the munchkins! I miss these kids.
& thus ends the camp pictures. :) I'll get to the rest later, haha.


  1. Awesome pictures, beautiful kids! Seems like it was a great trip! :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Looks like a great summer experience!

  3. i loooooooove summer camp! everything about all of these pics brings me back to my days as a camper, and my summer as a counselor! tie-dye especially. always a camp classic. -stephanie


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