Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

My sister and I went to a Phillie's game back in May and (of course!) I took pictures. I love action. Sports photography is probably one of my favorites, even if baseball isn't the most action-packed sport. Enjoy!


  1. WOW! Great shots! What kind of a lens did you use for this?

  2. Wow, GIRL!! You ought to try out for Sports Illustrated or something. You've got an awesome eye for sports action!! =)

  3. What kind of lens did you use to get action shots like that? They're so clear! Wow, great job!
    I tried my hand at basketball photography this year for the yearbook and let's just say---I'm still working on it! haha!
    But seriously, great pictures!
    Tessa Brooke

  4. I feel like I"m there. Great shots!

  5. I used a 70-300mm Canon telephoto. It's an awesome lens. :)


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