Sunday, July 3, 2011

Strength Through Him

This past week at camp, this verse become real to me. Before it was just a 'sure, God can get me through anything, but I haven't really needed him to get through anything', but I started off on Sunday still sick. Monday was rough, and it was only through him and so many prayers coming my way (I could feel them, it was awesome) that I was able to pull through Sunday through Tuesday and make a speedy recovery too. I thank you so much for the prayers, they were appreciated!
Now I know that God will supply me with strength when I need it.


  1. This is beautifully made! Love it :D

  2. Beautiful photo. Love the colors. Great testimony to go with the Scripture.


  3. This post is great. I love hearing where the inspiration of the post and verse choice comes from.

  4. So beautiful! love that you felt God working in you!

  5. He is pretty awesome!! And your photo is gorgeous...God is quite the creative genius! :)


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