Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fav's - Summer

I'm joyfully participating in Friday Favorites this lovely summer day. :)
Super cute and huge dogs who love car rides

High-powered vacuums to get the hair that was left in said car

The awesome week at pre-camp that God blessed me with

New friends and reconnecting with old friends

Chocolate-covered coffee beans to keep me going
Fun summer art projects

New cow ringtones for text messages - it's beyond cool

Clear summer nights that are perfect for star gazing
linking up here & here!
The beautiful amazing details of creation

Matthew 5:19-21 - about storing up treasures in heaven, not on earth

Cool summer days
The friends I'm abundantly blessed with
My best friend who didn't get the tongue memo in this picture, lol :)

Happy Friday folks!


  1. I love your flowers macro Sara, beautifully done.

  2. Oh those were some great shots!! Beautiful flower too.

    Have a blessed day!

  3. Had a fun time admiring all your different theme!

  4. it's great to have good friends :)
    I love your flower shot and your dog capture is great !

  5. Love dot paint! I forgot all about it and now must pull it out of the laundry room for the kids to use.

    Blessings to you!!

    and thank you for linking up!


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