Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Missions

Life comes at you fast. Seriously fast. I wanted to give everyone an update on life.
I have been accepted to Victory Valley Camp this summer, - sooo excited!! I admit, not having a paycheck every week makes me a bit nervous, but I get to photograph kids AND serve God at the same time. That is so much better than a silly paycheck!
I'm also going on a missions trip to Minnesota from July 22-Aug 6. Can't wait! Plus I'm applying to go on a work team going to France for a month in September/October. I've never been overseas, so that'll be super cool! I am so so so thankful for the opportunities to serve I've been blessed with this year.
To raise money for these trips, all photo sessions proceeds from now until August will go towards my trips to Minnesota & France. I'll also be selling prints of a select few of my photographs in the coming months for anyone interested. :)
also.. Ten on ten is tomorrow! Click here for more info! It's lots of fun. Go participate!


  1. Congratulations on getting accepted- that will be such an awesome experience! :)

  2. ok, well then. Since I've been wanting you to do pictures of my kids/ family, I really want it now! I'll call you sometime soon to pick a time and place!

  3. Sounds wonderful Annie. :) & Thanks Julia!


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