Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring at Hawk Mountain

Remember the last time I was at Hawk Mountain? It was a little snowy. This time it was a gorgeous clear blue-sky day with a nice bird count for a spring day. I also got to meet my wonderful photographer friend up there, so it was a win-win! Enjoy the pictures. :)
Black & White Warbler rump! These guys move so so so fast!
I caught his front half eventually though. :)
Indigo Bunting! The first time I've seen one, so that was a definite treat!
Turkey Vulture.
Red-Taild Hawk!
One of my favorite pictures!
Panoramic of the valley.

My favorite spot. Spring looks good on it.
A beautiful, new, & green forest! When I see creation I have to wonder how people think this was all by chance that it happened. It's so complicated and screams that it had a designer. The little intricate details that go into making sure that nature works properly are so beyond chance.


  1. That is gorgeous! I love all the photos. :)

  2. beautiful pictures Sara! love all the ones of the birds!

  3. What a lovely view! The photos of the birds are stunning--the focus is so sharp and clear. May I ask what lens you used?

    I agree--creation screams it had a Creator! =)

    Love in Christ,
    Emily Grace

  4. The abstract one is so cool!! Love it :)

  5. that turkey vulture is really gross!! I've only seen one of them around here, it's face is really ugly. haha =) great pictures though!

  6. Lovely shots! Especially the bird ones. :)


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