Thursday, May 26, 2011

101 Things About Me | 1-10

Heeeeeey everyone! I got to thinking the other day (a very dangerous pass time, I know) about how little my followers know about me. SO I've decided that you should get to know me a bit more. So each week I'll post a few random facts about myself & a photo too! Cool? Sweet. This week you get to see my cool hat and learn...
1. I've never had sushi. Although I would try it if I had the chance.
2. Flip-flops? Really don't like them. I wear them anyways.
3. I firmly believe that Chick-fil-a mints are the best. ever.
4. When I find a good pen or pencil I use it for months until it either dies or gets lost. I'm currently using a 'super speller' pencil and a pen from the Billy Graham Library that I got in December. haha.
5. I really enjoy cooking and baking. I'm slowly teaching myself how to cook more things.
6. Last week, I made chicken fettucini alfredo. Mhmm.
 7. I love my dog. (see above for cuteness!)
8. Pistachios are yummy.
9. Lately I've been getting books out of the library but returning them unread because I don't have enough time to read them.
I love to read.
10. I'm not very good at grammar or spelling. So forgive me, please?
PS: 5 out of 10 of these were about food. oops. Better luck next week?


  1. Really? A Beauty and the Beast reference? I almost didn't look at this post :P @#4 I do the SAME thing. I've killed many a pen in my day. And lately I've been returning books unread. I'm pretty sure one was even due today - whoops!

  2. Pistachios. Are. Awesome. 'nuff said. :)

    I'm not very good at grammar either and my best friend is SpellCheck. Oh well. ;)

  3. Haha I thought I was quoting the princess bride. I was wrong. :D

  4. Lovely blog! Your photography is really, really nice. :O)


  5. WHAT?! You don't LOVE your flipflops?! =) Hahaha.... just kidding!


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