Friday, April 8, 2011

Self-Proclaimed Mismatch Day

I'm Sara.
& these are my Friday favorites!
 My favorite blue and orange socks.

Self-proclaimed mismatch day.

Free Redbox Rentals.

Movie nights with my sister.
Little victories (like a clean kitchen!).

Making new friends.

That tired-but-good feeling knowing you've spent a day productively.
Spring flowers. It's about time!

Splashing my feet in the pond. Even when it's still kinda cold for this.

Going shoe-less outside.

Knowing that when I'm weakest, he's strongest.

Days where I don't have to do anything but school.

(linking up here & here!)

Spell check. To correct my horrible tries at spelling daffodils.

Wearing shorts all the time.


Receiving God's strength to serve, even when I don't have it or even want to have it.

The drumming of the water going down the spout.
Giant marshmallows.

Giant smores!
My friends. What on earth would I do without them?


Homeschool Group.

Making people smile & laugh
..with my awkwardness awesome mustache. It was my disguise for 'Who am I?' at homeschool group yesterday. It looked pretty spiffy. I kept it on most of the morning. :D
The feeling of rain hitting my skin.

My nice dry self inside my raincoat.

Jumping in puddles.

Wet & muddy shoes.

A warm house.

Saying yes to letting my little sister wash the car windows. She thought it was the best thing ever.
It's the simple little things that you find joy in.
Take a moment to find some in your own life.

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  1. I love your mustache! And those smores look a-maz-ing. Seriously... yum. :)


  2. The smores look so good....and the water drops,OMW they are amazing!!!

  3. beautiful daffodils....lovely :)

  4. I love the picture of the single yellow daffodil, so artistic!

  5. haha, nice socks!
    oh, and...uh..Gotta love the mustache! :P

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for linkin up! I heart the mooostache. And yes, I saw moooostache. That's how I roll :) thanks for participating/following!


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