Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ten on Ten | March

Despite the fact that today was destined to be a boring day..I decided to participate in Ten on Ten. A super-duper fun monthly project that I found out about a few weeks ago.
SO.. without further ado..
I went to work. Fun stuff!It rained.
psssst. linking up to this awesome thursday photo share!
A little self-portrait love. This counts as two, right? PS.. I love that jacket.
Geometry? Yeah, it can go burn!
Desperate times call for desperate photos of cute dogs.
Late night snack? Yes. ♥
One more desperate dog picture.
and last but not least.. I started the book of Numbers tonight. Exciting stuff! Thus ends my first link-up with Ten on Ten! Maybe April 10th will be slightly more exciting?


  1. lovely set - your self portrait is so cute! thanks for joining in this month!

  2. LOVING your set! Not one, but two puppy shots? Yes, please!

    Love the rain in the Chik-fil-a and wiper shots - makes me wish it was raining a bit right now!

    And that freaking S'MORE looks AMAZING. I wish I could reach through the screen and get one!

    Love the Bible shot! I read through Numbers last year - I love the OT history and stuff - I hope you enjoy!

    ...and then when I was about to click to this comment, I saw your cheesecake bars...with reeses pieces on top...I'm gonna have to go see what that is all about.

  3. wow, best of luck with numbers! great self portraits and I am now wishing I had included my windshield wiper shot...thanks!

  4. This sounds like a fun little project! I may have to do this next month!'re super adorable and so are your puppies. ♥

  5. Welcome to the ten!

    Great set.

  6. Love your photos! The late night snack looks way yummy. :)

  7. love it! love all of them! thanks for linking uP!


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