Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

I'm taking a step back and looking at the little joys in life in this week.
Year-old peanut butter eggs that were hiding the youth fridge at church. They still taste good.

Green tye-dye knee-high socks.

Babysitting the two cutest kids ever.

Finding a sequel to a kid's book I read when I was little. (Miss Bingergarten Teaches Kindergarten!)

Making a simple statement and getting an hour-long answer from my youth pastor. I took notes. He's cool.
Spending most of Wednesday with my best friend.

Eating chocolate-chip cookie dough covered oreo's with said friend.

Driving with the windows down.

Driving with the windows down without freezing my fingers off.

Being accepted onto the team going to Minnesota this summer! (!!!)
New sneakers. They have lime green shoelaces.

Homeschool group Thursday's. They're the best.


Cowboy hats. Specifically.. wearing them all day.

Thirty-second three-person mosh pits.


Catching up with old friends.
Good days at work.

Chickfila's new Banana Pudding Milkshake.
It's the bomb.

Beautiful sunny days.

Freak 70 degree weather = Shorts.

Playing football & softball in the backyard.

Barefoot feet.

Open windows.

A beautiful breeze coming through those open windows.

Snoring dogs.

Super snazzy pencil erasers that are shaped like Bee's.
Erasing things just got ten times more fun.

Hearing the birds sing outside.

Romans 8:28
Beautiful nights in the valley.

Capturing a little of that beauty. Creation is amazing.

Reminder's that God is so so so so much bigger than me.
But he still cares. Deeply.
Just a few of my Friday favorites.

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  1. Beautiful pictures-especially the bird and the last two! Happy Friday! :)


  2. So amazing! Your photos are gorgeous, dear! How did you get such a nice photo of the moon? I can't ever seem to get a good one!

  3. I shot it on a tripod! That's really all. We had some fast moving clouds, so my goal was to capture the motion of those..except it didn't really work. You can kinda see it though. Practice makes perfect. :)

  4. Hey those are my kids! Yea! Glad we make it onto the list of favorites!

  5. An absolutely lovely list of friday favorites. That is amazing and so inspiring to read about your youth pastor. Cool.

    I love your first really gives me hope that spring might be around the corner.

    Thanks for linking up with friday favorites. I hope to see you next week!


  6. RED! Agh they were AMAZING! My only two pictures of them were blurry...wonder why? Haha

  7. Weren't they fantastic? The only thing I DIDN'T like was that they only got to play four songs!


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