Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Big Picture

I've had an epiphany. A breakthrough. A discovery. A realization. 
A few months ago, if you'd ask me what my plans for the future were, the answer would have been something like this.
"I'm taking some college classes, hoping to get a semester or two done before I graduate."
Well, I'm not taking any classes this semester, because I thought I'd be going to France for two weeks in April. God's got different plans though, and the trip has been pushed back until the middle of August-September. So now, instead of two weeks, I'm hoping I can go for six. However, this means no college classes in the fall.
This fall I'll start my senior year. My little plan for my high school dual-enrollment was start with one class, and add one or two every semester. However, God's big plan for my life got in the way of my little detail planning.
So I took a step back.
The little things started to come into focus.
My life is not my own.
This minute is not mine. This day is not mine. This year is not mine.
I've been blessed with so many opportunities to serve this year. I'm actually a little overwhelmed!
But I asked {prayed} for this. So I'm plunging in. Praying for the best. Knowing his plan is the best.
When my plan lines up with his plan, that's when it starts getting better.
My dreams are getting bigger... and crazier. (like hopefully going to France for six weeks!)
I'm looking at the big picture. Trusting him that the little details will fall into place.
You know what's happening?
I'm starting to see a clear picture.


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