Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, Canada (Part Two! - Montréal)

Montreal really is a lovely city. Despite the fact that almost everything is in French, it's a great place to visit! On New Years Eve, we went to the Montreal Biodome. It was the cycling center for the 1976 Summer Olympics, then converted into an indoor zoo!
They're just hanging around. :D
You know you watched too much of Steve Irwin when you were little when you immediately recognize a Caimen. :D
They had puffins.. I was in love.
This begins our section of... "A Penguin's Thoughts: In Captions" ...

"Look Ma, no hands or head!"
"Is that what I think it is...?
..Yep, gullible is written on the ceiling!"
That ends our absolutely hilarious brief humor portion of the post, please feel free to submit your own captions in the comments. :D
Cute fuzzy penguin babies? Oh yes.
We went to Old Port for dinner, and then proceeded to wait three hours in the rain (yes, rain. I went all the way to Canada and managed to bring the rain with me!) for fireworks. Totally worth it !
Last picture of 2010! You can see the beads of water on my hat, we were soaked. It was still raining lightly during the fireworks, so I didn't take many pictures, but I snapped a few.
The next day we made a snowman! His name was Fred.
He was an excellent snowman, representing his kind wonderfully.
Unfortunately, his mouth was made out of dog kibble. This presented a problem with Jake, my friend's husky. So Fred had a short, but very fulfilling life of about three hours. R.I.P. Fred. While on the topic of cute huskies..
Isn't he a cutie?
One afternoon we went to Mount Royal, a beautiful park that has gorgeous overlooks of the city.
One of my personal favorite images!
I enjoyed a Montreal classic for dinner, Poutine. It consists of french fries, cheese, gravy, and awesomeness. Delicious! Our last morning we got SNOW! Which posed a serious threat to my flight home, but all went well, and Gilly did a little photo shoot of me in the snow!
I really like the pictures a lot! You should go leave some blogger love (& see more awesome photos from the shoot) right HERE! That, folks, wraps up my photos from the big ole' country up north! It was a great visit with lots of wonderful memories made. Enough said. :)

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  1. WE ALSO WENT BOWLING...and I do not see said pictures of bowling.
    Wonderful pictureees!♥ Quite an awesome week, if I do say so myself. :)


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