Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh, Canada [Part One - Ottawa]

Ahhh, Canada! I have two posts to share with you guys, one for Ottawa, and one for Montreal! First, a little background.. this trip was my third time to Canada, my second time flying alone, and similar to last time, it was a breeze. I love flying! We did a ton over the week I was there. We kicked it off on December 30th, by visiting Canada's capitol, Ottawa!
They have really neat architecture inside the Parliament building (the one with the big clock tower).
This is the view of Ottawa from the Peace Tower (giant clock tower). It was really beautiful. We lucked out with a gorgeous blue-sky day!

I loved the mix of old and new in this shot.

 Only in Canada..or other cold places. :)
In the afternoon, we went to the Museum of Science and Technology! It was really neat, I know I had a ton of fun!
The only mention of the U.S. in the whole museum I think, haha. Granted it IS a museum about Canadian inventions.
 Us being all cool and Canadian-like in the Eskimo room!
We went back into Ottawa afterwords to see the Christmas lights, and behold, the Parliament building was all lit up!
A second post full of photos of Montreal will be coming soon, toodles for now!

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