Friday, January 7, 2011

Never A Dull Moment...Ever.

 Want to know what's happening in my life? Well, here you go!
1. Do you know where your sternum is? Or what in the world costochondritis is? Well, I found out. After a mishap at youth group involving me running into a guy, I've ended up with a seriously bruised sternum/rib. Isn't that nice? It's quite painful, but should heal fully in 3-4 weeks. Awesome.
2. Flyleaf's CD, Memo Memoir, is amazing. Go listen to it.
3. Natural peanut butter is the bomb. It's the best thing since sliced bagels.
4. This was my desk this morning. My room is never messy. It was quite traumatic, but then I cleaned it. By cleaning, I mean moving said things to the cabinet next to my desk. :D
5. I haven't done school in weeks. Oops. That'll bite me in the butt eventually.
6. I'm applying to go in a two-week missions trip to Minnesota this summer. It's my youth group's summer trip, and I'm really excited.
7. We got snow!! And wood, lots of wood.
8. I'm working on a new blog design. I have the design in on paper, but I have no idea how to make it happen in Blogger. Anyone want to help? Please?
9. The Pennsylvania Farm Show is next week! This year I entered twenty photos. I'm going with friends next Tuesday, so we'll see how I did then!
Have a good Friday! :)

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