Sunday, December 19, 2010

Delaware Water Gap | Fall

Delaware Water Gap?  I could spend weeks there! It's such a huge, diverse park with endless photographic opportunities, it's awesome.
I didn't know that some leaves turn pink in the fall, go figure!
Dingman's Falls, which you have probably seen if you've watched my blog for a while!
So this shot has a pretty good story. This is Buttermilk Falls, which I've never been to. I got directions from another photographer off the internet, so we weren't sure if we'd even find it. It's on the New Jersey side of the park, about three miles on a rough stone/dirt road. The photographer I'd talked to said it was best to stand in the middle of the pond, but smart me didn't bring waterproof shoes. So I stripped off my shoes and socks, rolled up those pants and went in!
For your information, I still have all ten of my toes. :D It was incredibly cold (because it was the middle of October..), and I was in the water slightly past my ankles for about fifteen minutes. I kept walking from my tripod to these rocks where I was throwing some leaves on. I am extremely pleased with the end result, which is another super nifty HDR. I hope to come back to this falls next time with more time...and some waterproof shoes!
We found this guy in the parking lot by the river, he followed us around for quite some time and I happily shot away. I've never been this close to one of these guys! I'm not 100% sure if he's a turkey or black vulture.
Someone found some lunch!
I loved the contrast between the red and yellow in the shot on the left! Back to Geo W. Childs Park, these are all from Fulmer Falls.
The shot below Factory Falls.
Like I said, there is so much do that you can barely fit anything into a day trip, but we tried!
Hope you enjoyed and I would love to have some feedback! :)


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely photos! All your waterfall pictures are absolutely fab, and I really like the head shot of the vulture--he looks...cute! haha
    Speaking of which, I've never gotten such a close look, but based upon pink in the skin on head and the brown in the feathers, I'm tempted to say you've got yourself an immature Turkey Vulture there.

  2. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the fall! Love the pictures!! :)


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