Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23 | Some Awesome Cookies

I had a super awesome sleepover at my best friend's house last night. We watched Christmas Vacation & Brad Stine (awesome comedian!) until 2am, and then made cookies this morning! They're pretty special! I might even dare say that they're (and I don't use this word often, due to fact that my youth Pastor is a grammar psycho and gives us a lecture on how "epic does not mean cool" every time we say you PF! :D) ..epic.
It's Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales! :D
Creepy alien gingerbread man? Like I said...they're special.
Winnie the Pooh, and his girlfriend too!
(ohsnap, who just rhymed?!)
Mr. Cow has an enormous back leg because there was a girl sitting milking Mr. Cow, y'know.."eight maids milking"? But she disappeared in the baking process.
We also made dinosaurs, which aren't exactly Christmassy, but it's okay, because they're awesome.
What can I say? We're homeschooled. :D Hope you're enjoying Christmas break!

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  1. "Grammar psycho"...really? Thanks Sara, I appreciate that. But the cookies are pretty impressive :D ~PF


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