Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2 | Homemade

December Photo Project

Life comes at you fast.  Is it really already December?  Ridiculous!  Back in November, I remember looking at doing the December Photo Project, where you take a photo every day in December up until Christmas.  Well, I kinda forgot about it yesterday, but better late than never!  Today, my home school group had a Christmas get-together.  We made Christmas ornaments, and a really neat spirally one that I'll post later.
I also got my hair cut today, I now have bangs!  I have not had them in over four years, but I like it.  It's different, but not a bad different.  Yeaah you really can't see from the photo, ah well!  I'm off to watch some Thursday night football goodness!
GO Eagles!


  1. I also started a day late last year.

  2. Those CandyCanes are soo cute!! I'll have to do that one with my little brother. :)

    I also love the hair!! :)


  3. Those candy canes are really cute.
    And they remind someone came through drive-through with their van decorated to look like Rudolf. haha
    It had antlers and a red nose. :) It was a little a weird. haha

    Andd your bangs look cute! I haven't had bangs in 3 years, but I made an appointment just the other day to get bangs, too!

    Life is full of coincidences. :)


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