Sunday, November 14, 2010

Violins & Bald Eagles | Hannah & Heather

The title got'cha in didn't it? Ha! A couple weeks ago (okay, so like..a month and a week, same difference) I slept over at Hannah's!  We had a wonderful time, with a little mini-shoot, watching Psych & Tim Hawkins until 1am, sleeping out on the trampoline, hiking the next day, and then an impromptu shoot with Heather.  It was a great weekend!
This is Hannah.  She loves the color green (you'll see her glasses!), animals, and missions.  She wants to be a vet one day!  I could never go through that much school, but this girl wants to do it!
She's one of those people who's always happy, always looking on the bright side, and always being encouraging and wonderful. If we were all 1/5 as happy as Hannah, world peace would be achieved in less than a week. No lie.
Did I mention she's adorable?
Oh and my favorite cat ever, Sam, felt the need to get in on the photo-taking, too.
We went into the field behind her house in that wonderful last light before sunset and had back-lighting fun. :D
Sam loved the camera, haha! ..Now for some violin+lens flare+field+BW goodness!
Fast forward to the next day...hiking! At one of my favorite places, Hawk Mountain!
 Beautiful view from North Lookout, and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.
Heather! You'll see more of her shortly.
 Guess what kind of bird WE saw?
This outlook is one of my favorites, because of the beautiful natural framing the trees give around the mountain.
Me and Banana. :)
This is Heather! She's one of my youth leaders, loves kids, has to put up with me, and get this. - She still likes me!
I have such good-looking friends, true fact.
There is numerous old cars around the farm, this rusty Chevy struck my interest!
Sam just loves the camera, apparently.
Last but not least, Kira! Hannah's funny little Jug (Jack Russel/Pug).  Hope you enjoyed the photos, comments & critique is always welcome!


  1. I haven't commented in a while, but I wanted to let you know that your photos are fab, and I love you! :)

  2. Well, I have news for you. Yours are BETTER. I love you back! Now go blog before I'm forced to come and make you!

  3. "Yours are better"? Don't even go there. ;)

    I considered not posting because you said you'd be forced to come.

    But in the end, I posted.

    AND scheduled one for tomorrow evening!

    So industrious, I am.


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