Monday, November 22, 2010

A Taste of Fall

This year, my sister, Mom & I went apple-picking at Hopewell Furnace, a local historic site that maintains a small orchard. Most of the apples were gone, but we found a few good ones!
I got two apples in one try, hence the peace sign..which is really a two in disguise.
Here in southern Pennsylvania, the peak fall comes around mid-October. We have an mixture of red, orange, yellow and even some pink. It's my favorite time of year, with brisk days and comfy sweatshirts. Love it! I have a big fall post coming, but these are just a few shots I've already processed.
Nolde Forest State Park, one of my favorite places for an easy hike with my dog. It's got a nice path that goes right alongside the stream!
I was super excited when I saw the swirl pattern in the water! I threw some leaves in, and presto, orange swirls. It was hard to include some of the trees in the foreground, but I tried in this next one..
This is for those of you who don't believe/have a polarizer. Left shot? No polarizer. Right shot? Polarizer. It makes a world of difference, especially shooting nature! The nexxt few shots are from along French Creek, a different day and location.
I'm a proud Canon gal! That's all for now, but I have more shots and posts planned from French Creek State Park, Delaware Water Gap NRA, local fall shots, and more to post in the upcoming weeks!


  1. Gorgeous fall shots! <3 I love the ones with the swirl in the water, loveeeely!

  2. They are SO lovely my darling! It's so nice to see sunshine and color in these pictures. It's a whole 13 degrees here with a good layer of frost and snow.

  3. "I'm a proud Canon gal!" So glad to hear it! ;)

    And the swirly leaf in the water? You're so clever. haha


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