Sunday, September 19, 2010

Portland, ME

Friday we headed out to do touristy things..this included an authentic lobster boat tour where we learned how the real fishermen catch their lobster. My family boarded the 'Lucky Catch' for a wonderful afternoon on the water. We lucked out with an absolutely gorgeous day!
This little guy wasn't quite big enough, so he hung out on the trap until we tossed it back in.
I have a big love for lobster buoy pictures!
After we came back in, we headed to Bug Light, an adorable little lighthouse in Western Portland.
Which also had lovely views of Casco Bay, with the wonderfully scenic lobster boats in it..
..oh and absolutely beautiful skies. If you can't shoot at sunrise, this is about as gorgeous as it gets otherwise.We had lunch (no, not at the lobster pound!) but at a little diner that my sister found that overlooked the lobster pound, and parts of the bay.Another cute little lighthouse, Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, sits out on a really long jetty. You can also see Fort Gorges in the background to the left.
Moving right along, considering we did a touristy boat trip, we decided to see the world's only life-size chocolate moose. Terrible tacky tourists? Guilty.Lenny was the one and only moose we saw in Maine, pretty sad, I know. But all things considered, he was a pretty unique one to see! haha! Acadia National Park comes next dear followers, hang in there with me!


  1. Wow, awesome chocolate moose!!! =)

  2. I looove the thirteenth picture! (if I counted right haha). Beautiful!


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