Friday, September 3, 2010

Maine! Sneak Peak & Happenings

I have returned! - With over a thousand pictures to sort through from the trip! These are just a few samples, all straight off the camera! I have an extremely jam-packed September, so I'm not sure how fast the shots will be up, so hang in there with me. Among the happenings this month.. I'm going to RevGen tomorrow ! It's a huge christian music festival in NJ. So excited! Plus, on the 15th I start an internship/job with Dave Zerbe Photography Studio. I'm helping them take school pictures for the district for two months, it's going to be such a great experience that I'm so thankful for! We've also got the local fair closer to the end of the month, which is a huge deal around here, thousands flocking to our tiny town. Oh and somewhere in between there I've got three people I'm taking senior pictures for, can't wait! On top of that, I've got to do schoolwork sometime in there! So forgive me if the posts are few and far between! Best of luck to those starting school, and Happy Labor Day Weekend! ♥


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