Friday, September 17, 2010

Fort Williams State Park, Portland, ME

I can see why so many people love this's not very hard to fall in love with it.
Rocky, scenic, beautiful, coastline. What's not to love? We stopped by Fort Williams three times, once at sunset, again in the morning for sunrise, and then we went back after breakfast. We explored the fort, did a little biking, and enjoyed the gorgeous views.Portland Head Light, the famous lighthouse. Definitely one of my favorite images from the trip!
Breakwater light, silhouetted by sunrise, sits off the coast behind Portland Head Light.
Another favorite shot from the trip..I just love the waves pounding on the rocks time and time again.
A lobster boat out in the bay, a little later in the morning.
More photos from Portland coming on Saturday! Then Acadia!


  1. It is a beautiful place! Gorgeous photos, Sara!

  2. I love your photos! I love Maine, too. And Congrats on the win in photography at the Fair!

  3. Gorgeous! Love the light houses!


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