Thursday, September 30, 2010

Acadia National Park, Maine | Part Two

Acadia pictures, round two! (I'd love to know your favorite!)
The beautiful night sky at Acadia. You can actually see the Milky Way from the park, this picture hardly does it justice! On the left side of the shot below there is the faint impression of the galaxy.
One day we explored a bit of the Western side of Mount Desert Island. We hiked a short, easy path on the Wonderful trail to this beautiful view.We stopped at Somesville to take a picture of the bridge, which is apparently famous..who knew!
This is an adorable restaurant we ate at one night (hamburgers and hot dogs get awfully boring rather fast), it was so cute!
On Wednesday, we got up to see sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain, the highest spot in the park.
(taken by my sis!) Later in the day, my sister and I decided to explore the carriage roads. We hiked by Hadlock Pond, which features two of the famous carriage bridges on just a few miles. They were beautiful!
Isn't it gorgeous?Further down the road we found a frog..
...and even further down the road we found a snake! Actually, he found us, but we kindly let him pass while I grabbed a shot.
We stopped by Jordan Pond later in the afternoon to cross a carriage bridge off our list, have a snack by the pond and just enjoyed the beauty of nature!
After our little adventure in the woods, we headed over to Sand Beach. I couldn't help but snag some shots in this light!
Our last morning we got up for sunrise and headed to Little Hunter's Beach. It's a gorgeous cobblestone beach tucked away on the coast. I had way too much fun with long exposures and the cobble stones, even if I got no color in the sky!
I couldn't decide which I liked better, color or black and white, so I posted both so I could get your thoughts!
That completes our big adventure in Maine! Hope you enjoyed the images, I know I certainly had a lot of fun taking them. I can not wait to go back up again as soon as possible!


  1. These photos are amazing! Especially the cobblestone beach.

  2. I'll comment on your cobblestone beach B&W vs Color. I love them both. The color and swirling of the fog/mist/water is really neat. But on the B&W one it's harder to tell that the sky is washed out. Just a thought. Those are all really great pictures. Makes me want to go.

  3. Lovely photos! The frog looks rather creepy! :) Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi! I found your blog by a friend recommending to look at it....and I just wanted to tell you, your photography is absolutely and totally STUNNING!!! God has blessed you with an amazing gift in photography!! These are all beautiful, beautiful pictures. :)


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