Monday, August 23, 2010

On Thursday...

..a very special thing happened. A box from one of my favorite places in the world came..
..adressed for we opened it!
..and inside was the marvelous new Canon 50D I'd ordered a few days before..
..and a super awesome 17-85mm lense. This camera? It's a beast!
See? Beastly! Let the test pictures begin!:
Me and my new camera! :)! It's so wonderful to have a camera that takes the picture when you press the shutter, actually focuses on the object you want it too, and has a working flash! For the first time in nine months I used a camera was kinda magical. I love this camera! It's a perfect step up from my old Sony A100. I'm in absolute love with it, and am currently reading the manual cover to cover! Okay..other news. My family is leaving for VACATION tomorrow! We're heading up to Maine, making stops in Boston and Portland, but our final destination is Acadia National Park. I set up some posts for the week, but I probably won't be commenting on others blogs. Have a fabulous week! ♥


  1. Oh, wow!! I love it! =) Enjoy your new baby!! (oh, and I'm so glad you came over to our side... Canon rocks!)

  2. Enjoy Sara! It really is a fab camera! And it looks so comfy in your hands already! :)


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