Monday, August 16, 2010

Missions Delaware (Part Deux)

Ahh, part two! This is a collaboration of different pictures from random places throughout the week.
Many hours were spent in the van driving..which sadly had no working air conditioning, and it was in the 90's the entire week!Saturday we had an awesome, awesome breakfast (after an entire week of fruit loops and cheerios this seemed like the most perfect breakfast I'd ever seen!). We then enjoyed the church picnic and meeting some of the wonderful people that go there!
Then Joe and Albion decided they were going to do crazy things on the volleyball court, and it turned into a super fun action-packed photo-shoot! Props to these guys for doing crazy things! :D Oh and nobody got hurt..except maybe a few bruises, but it was their idea!
Isn't this one awesome? It's my favorite!The church is entirely surrounded by corn fields, which provided lovely sunset photo opportunities! The picture below is one of my favorites from the trip!Thanks to all who made the trip so special! ♥ It was one of the best weeks of my summer, I really hope we can go back down there soon! I made a short video of all the pictures. If you feel like watching it, go for it! It was more for myself and the team, but I figured I'd upload it anyways! Enjoy!

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  1. Awesome photos! I love the hummingbird and the shot of the breakfast. :D


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