Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Family Camping at Little Pine State Park

After months of planning, researching, gear-prepping and mentally-prepping the kids, in September we went on a Faust Family camping trip. Four adults and two kids conquered the lovely Little Pine State Park in central Pennsylvania. We enjoyed camping under the stars, eating yummy camp food, hiking trails, watching wildlife and more! 

The park has a beautiful big lake, which sadly we didn't play on. Next time we will bring the kayaks! 

Pasta with meatballs - a personal favorite camp food.

The Mid-State Trail (a 323 mile trail that goes from the New York state border to the Maryland border) actually went through our campground, right next to our campsite! We enjoyed hiking parts of it throughout the weekend. 

Waking up to views like this were not the worst!
The park was about an hour's drive from the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, and since none of us had ever been, we decided to make a morning trip up. We didn't do a big hike while there, but we enjoyed the views!

Grace & I in our matching sweaters and camelbaks!

Hammock time with Aunt Sara is a BIG hit. 

Mike & I split from the group for a few hours to hike north on part of the Mid State Trail. We gained some serious elevation but sadly didn't have any overlooks. We did enjoy the solitude of the lonely woods and I definitely want to hike other parts of this trail in the future!

The Mid-State trail is known as "the Wildest Trail in PA" - not hard to see why!

 After three beautiful nights of camping, we packed up camp and went to Rickett's Glen before heading home. 

This guy is an excellent tripod carrier. I'm a lucky gal!

This is our only group shot from our first camping trip (oops). 

It poured rain the last two miles of our hike.. which was almost entirely uphill! The kids did awesome though and we were very glad to get back to the car and put on dry clothing.

The first family camping trip was a success for sure. It took a lot of work and a good bit of patience, but everyone had a good time. We're excited to try it out again in the future!
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